At a ceremony held on the 27th November, we planted three trees in the front garden of the Aldersbrook Medical Centre in Aldersbrook Road.  Aldersbrook Horticultural Society donated the trees. 

The two smaller trees are eating apple minarettes.  Beneath the larger tree, which is ‘John Downie’ crab apple, and which we planted between the two smaller trees, is a plaque.  The plaque reads

‘To commemorate those who have died during the COVID pandemic and to thank all NHS workers and other keyworkers’.

The AMC’s Dr. Mehta spoke movingly about his personal experience of Covid and helped to plant the trees,

At the same time, we planted a variegated privet hedge under the lime trees in the front of the garden.  This will help protect the garden from litter, pollution and noise from the road.

Patients visiting the surgery and passers-by can see and enjoy the planting and remember those who died. 

We hope it adds a little bit to the quality of the Estate.