Container Gardening – Sonya Patel Ellis

Sonya Patel Ellis gave an interesting talk at Tuesday’s meeting. She gave us many ideas to assist us with our container planting, showing a wide variety of containers that can be used for planting. Sonya talked about the advantage of container gardening as a way of experimenting with planting combinations and giving plants the aspect they require. Sonya suggested that containers could be planted with a number of different plants or with single plants. In a container with a number of plants she suggested planting with a Thriller – a tall significant plant in the middle of the container, a Filler – plants around the outside of the thriller and then the Spiller which are the plants spilling around the edge of the pot. She gave us some great suggestions for plants which can be planted in containers throughout the seasons and for shade and sun. At the end of the meeting members and visitors were able to peruse Sonya’s most recently published books including Collins Botanical Bible and The Modern Gardener.